Microsoft probes Teams Outlook outage as thousands of users report disruption

Microsoft probes Teams, Outlook outage as thousands of users report disruption

Microsoft probes Teams Outlook outage as thousands of users report disruption

Microsoft probes Teams Outlook outage.

Microsoft Corp confirmed Wednesday (Jan 25) that it is conducting a full investigation into an unexpected disruption in the services delivered by its Teams and Outlook platforms after thousands of users reported outages worldwide. Microsoft has yet to provide details on the scale of the outage. Still, data from the independent tracking website Down Detector showed that more than 3,900 outages were reported in India and over 900 incidents in Japan.

Interruption reports also spiked in Australia, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates. Microsoft is currently employing its full suite of tools to review telemetry data, assess the root cause of the outage, and provide solutions for those affected.

The company has urged users to remain patient as it works on restoring service levels. Microsoft is also closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates on its progress in resolving the disruption as soon as they become available. In light of this incident, Microsoft is committed to delivering a reliable and secure customer experience. It is taking steps to ensure it can provide the highest level of service possible.

Updates will be shared on their social media channels as they become available. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing Microsoft Teams or Outlook, we urge you to follow Microsoft’s official communication channels for further updates on the situation. “We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are working hard to bring services back up as soon as possible.


U.S. targets Google’s online ad business monopoly in latest Big Tech lawsuit.

The U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Alphabet Inc’s Google, alleging that the tech giant has abused its power as an online advertising monopoly and is seeking to force it to divest its ad manager suite.

The lawsuit alleges that Google’s domination of the online advertising market harms competition and stifles innovation in the industry. The government contends that its ad manager suite, which generated about 12 per cent of Google’s revenues in 2021, gives the company an unfair advantage by controlling where and how ads appear across its products.

Microsoft is also under scrutiny for its Teams product, as thousands of users have reported disruption with Outlook after Microsoft released a new version of its Teams product. Microsoft is currently investigating the outage, affecting users in multiple countries worldwide.

The tech industry has been under increased pressure to address anti-competitive behaviour, and this latest lawsuit against Google signals a new era of antitrust enforcement. This could spell trouble for big tech companies increasingly facing more regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. and abroad.

It remains to be seen how the case against Google will unfold, which could have implications for the entire tech industry. In the meantime, Microsoft’s Teams product outage has shown that even the most prominent players in Silicon Valley are resistant to disruptions and outages. Yet another reminder of why tech companies must be held accountable for their actions.


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